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Movie Poster Art | Reservoir Dogs

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A very original and complex piece of art of the Quentin Tarantino film, Reservoir Dogs.

Detail - each bullet has a different coloured stripe to represent each of the main characters, Mr Blonde, Mr Blue, Mr Brown, Mr Pink, Mr Orange, and Mr White.

Date | 1992
Director | Quentin Tarantino
Genre | American crime thriller
Interesting fact | Compared to most movies, it was smooth sailing for Tarantino and co. during the Reservoir Dogs shoots, but filming did hit a snag when Tim Roth was glued to the floor by a pool of congealed fake blood.

Medium - Digital Mixed Media. .
Paper - Hannemule Fine Art Paper
Frame - Shadow Box. A wood grain effect frame with a deep recess to add depth and available in 2 frame colours. Black and white. Advanced hanging system on the back. 22mm (W) × 52mm (D).
Made to order.

FINE ART PRINT - Image size 28" x 37" with white border. Total size - 30" x 39".

FRAMED FINE ART PRINT - Image size 28" x 37". No mount. Total size - 29" x 38".

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